Chelsea 7-Piece Patio Sectional And Fire Pit Table Black Aluminum With Cushions


Transform your outdoor area into a haven of relaxation and style with our 7-Piece Conversation Set. Designed to enhance your patio, garden, or any outdoor setting, this set is meticulously crafted to combine luxury, durability, and convenience. The chair in this set features a seat and legs meticulously crafted from high-quality aluminum, ensuring optimal durability and longevity. The chair is designed to be weather, water, and rust-resistant. The UV protection is specially catered to shield the chairs from direct sunlight exposure, making them perfect for any outdoor setting. Elevate your outdoor space with our Chelsea Conversation Set, where durability meets contemporary design, promising to create an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere in any outdoor setting.
Create the perfect seating arrangement with 2 armchairs, 2 corner chairs, and 2 armless chairs. Plus, a fire pit table with crystal stones for the ultimate cozy centerpiece. Powder-coated aluminum ensures durability and resilience against outdoor elements, making it perfect for conversation sets exposed to varying weather conditions. With 55,000 BTUs, a propane fuel type, and a gas tank storage, it's the ideal choice for creating a warm outdoor ambiance. Simply bring your propane and batteries for easy ignition. When the lid is closed, the fire pit transforms into a versatile table, perfect for drinks, snacks, or decor, enhancing your outdoor space for various occasions. Tied cushions provide enhanced comfort by staying in place. This ensures a consistent and stable seating experience, preventing discomfort caused by uneven or shifting cushions. Floor protectors enable easy movement of furniture without damaging the floor, offering flexibility in rearranging outdoor sets to various layouts. This conversation set is easy to assemble, leaving you stress-free and with a little extra time on your hands.
- Box 4 Width : 29.92
- Box 2 Depth : 29.92
- Box 3 Depth : 29.92
- Box 3 Weight : 11.68
- Box 2 Weight : 63.49
- Box 4 Weight : 11.24
- Box 1 Weight : 40.00
- Box 4 Depth : 29.92
- Box 3 Height : 14.96
- Box 2 Height : 15.75
- Box 4 Height : 9.06
- Box 1 Depth : 30.71
- Box 3 Width : 28.75
- Box 1 Height : 8.27
- Packing Time (days) : 4
- UPC : 765531573194
- Delivery Time (days) : 9
- Box 1 Width : 29.13
- Brand : LeisureMod
- Attribute Depth (in) : 58.98
- Attribute Material : Aluminum / Solution Dyed Polyester
- Attribute Dimensions (in) : 24.8, 58.98
- Box 2 Width : 29.13
- Width: 113.62 in, Height: 24.8 in

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